Chiropractic for Cats & Rabbits
Sneaker Boo the Cat

Below is a rabbit that woke up with a neck problem with vertigo/dizziness. She would roll over and over to the right side & had to lean against something to keep still (first picture). After one adjustment she was able to hold her head much straighter & wasn't rolling (second pic)

Sneaker-Boo (pic to the right):  Dr. Hal has been treating Sneaker Boo for a couple years now.  She was a victim of abuse as a kitten.  Fortunately she was rescued by a very caring person who nursed her back to health.  Unfortunately she suffered permanent trauma to her lower spine.  She had a chronic left leg/hip limp which actually regained almost 100% of its function after only one chiropractic adjustment.  Because of her trauma to her low back, the nerves that control her intestines were chronically stressed and not functioning correctly which caused severe constipation.  Since receiving chiropractic treatments Sneaker-Boo  has been much better & at 18+ years old she still can act like a kitten!
Please contact Dr. Hal directly to schedule an appointment for your animal.    Large animals (horses, cows, alpacas, llamas, goats are all treated at their location or event facility).The options are as follows for small animals.
Home visit 
Dr. Hal's office in Apple Valley
Southview Animal Hospital- Inver Grove Heights
St. Paul Pet Hospital in St. Paul
To contact Dr. Hal you may call him directly at 651-247-1769 or
You do need to have a Veterinary Referral Form completed prior to the initial appointment. Click on the following "link" to download the "
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