Testimonials from satisfied clients!  
To them I say, "Thank you for your trust
and for being very responsible pet owners!"

Moxie the Quarter Horse
This one comes from one of my clients that trains with Lisa Kroll at www.krollperformancehorses.com     

My name is Zophia Raleigh (15) and I own a 6 year old American Quarter Horse named Gracefull Moxie (Moxie). When Moxie got hurt 2 years ago my mom and I were devastated. Moxie was in pain and she wouldn't take the left lead anymore. We were at a loss of what to do, so we called Dr. Hal. Dr. Hal made sure he had time for us, he came out to see Moxie the day after we called him. When Dr. Hal met Moxie he was very gentle and caring, he made sure that she was okay with him. As Dr. Hal was going down Moxie's body he was explaining what he was doing and giving my mom and I tips on places to massage and. Over all Moxie had pulled out her pull, several vertebrae in her neck and back, her hip, several ribs and her sciatic nerve. After this first visit Dr. Hal started coming out to check on Moxie approximately every other month or so. Six months later she was back to her happy go luck self. Now whenever Moxie and I go to a big Quarter Horse show we make sure to call Dr. Hal to check that Moxie is in her prime condition so we can do well. I HIGHLY suggest using Dr. Hal for every horse, dog or cat you own. He is a fantastic chiropractor who will always do his best to help you and your animals. I know he did for Moxie and I.  

Zophia Raleigh
Dog Trainer
Equestrian Rider

Milo the horse

I checked him friday and he was better than he has been. I walked him and lunged him at a walk..still off on the same side but less so. I massaged his neck and shoulder. I was out of town this weekend and went back last night and did the same..there was great improvement..he was still off but hardly noticeable. He also just seemed more willing to move out..broke into a trot a few times without me asking... it was nice to see. Thanks!

Sneaker-boo the cat
My name is Cathy. I am a veterinary technician working in a small animal
hospital. I have an 18 year-old cat named Sneaker-boo. The following is just
a bit about her life with me.
Somebody beat up a five week-old kitten and threw her away. I got lucky and
wound up with her. She had multiple severe injuries along with a hernia that
was deemed not a problem for her at the time. She survived her injuries and
came to live with me.
Sixteen wonderful and healthy years later Sneaker began having a problem with
constipation. At one point there was no stool production for several days. I
brought her in to the hospital with me. Radiographs revealed a severely bent
spine, the probable result of the hernia pulling the spine out of alignment
incrementally over the years. It was suspected that there was some colon
damage due to the pulling. We anesthetized her and manually pulled a
voluminous amount of stool. I brought her home and put her on a stool softener
along with a medication that increases motility in the G.I. tract. She was able
to push the softer stool out for awhile, then she'd get plugged up again. I was
crushed to think that her life would have to end because of this.
Because the source of her problems stemmed from a spinal condition, I turned to
Dr. Hal for help. Dr. Hal is kind enough to make house calls; kitties do not travel well.

Dr. Hal is good with Sneaker; she is generally fearful of strangers, but Dr. Hal
has a way with her that puts her at ease and allows him to gently work his magic
on her. After just one adjustment, Sneaker had a good-sized bowel movement. He had loosened up some tight vertebrae allowing nerve impulses to
communicate with her organs again. Her spine is more pliable and able to
function again.
She also has some arthritis along her spine and in her hips and back legs.
This has resulted in a limited range of motion for her over the years. Dr. Hal
has been able to loosen up those old bones and has given her the gift of more
freedom of movement.
Sneaker-boo is 18 years old now, and doing fabulously. 
Dr. Hal comes over every 4-6 weeks just to keep her loose and feeling good.
I know that Sneaker won't live forever, but Dr. Hal has given us more quality
time together. I do believe that she wouldn't be here today if not for Dr.
Hal's healing hands.

Rambo the dog: 
(Rambo had been in significant pain and discomfort from his degenerative spinal condition which understandably made him a little grumpy)

Just to let you know Rambo is eating hard food and even let a couple of little kids pet him on our walk tonight. Thanks for making him better

Appaloosa Horse:
Hello Dr. Hal. Just wanted to let you know how the Appaloosa (barrel horse) you treated is doing. We took him to a barrel clinic last weekend and he was never grouchy at being stalled for 3 days. He typically gets upset and does the hind end thing when being stalled.  He has not dripped urine since his first adjustment. He ran real nice and was a happy horse the whole weekend.  So, thanks a lot for helping him, he is too good a horse to have just set aside.          
Sincerely, Ruth & Mariah 

Casey the "huntin' dog"
Just had to send a note about Casey.  She has been skipping around today looking virtually pain free.  Thanks again for stopping by.

Cooper the Dog (two updates)
1)Hi Dr Hal,
Cooper continues to improve. He is putting more weight on that paw. He
is walking more with a limp now, instead of a hop. He is still
struggling with maintaining his weight on that side for 5 seconds.
Thanks so much!

2)Cooper thinks he's just fine, so we will let him be for now. He is
running 'all out', can do upward dog and downward dog in a smooth
motion, when we pick up opposite front paw he can hold weight on it for
a long time w/no problem.
Thanks so much, I really like how you worked with Coop. I've been
recommending you to others.

Angel the quarter horse
Whenever you adjust my horse, I always learn a lot about how she moves and how I can keep her fit and healthy. I really appreciate that a lot and thank you again.
P.S. I rode her today and she felt very good! (:

Peanut is our 7 year old Border Collie/Lab mix.
She was always a playful, rambunctious dog. But two years ago she hurt herself while chasing a squirrel over an icy path by slipping and slamming sideways into a tree. For weeks her ribs and hips were so bruised she whimpered if you barely touched her fur.
Her ribs healed, and her hips seemed to get better, then worse since then. She had good days and bad days.
Then Dr. Hal started working with Peanut, and it was a miracle! It took him just a few minutes and a few adjustments, and she was a new dog. She runs and bounces like a puppy again -- it's a joy to see!
Thanks, Dr. Hal. You've taken such great care of Steve and I (the humans in this household) for years, and we are thrilled that you can now treat our "furry family." You are the best!

Oliver joined our pack as a BBR foster in October of 2009. A month
later he began to leak urine, both while moving/stretching and while
sleeping. We brought him to the vet and had test after test done to
rule out any of the common issues that would cause incontinence in dogs.
When all of the test results came back normal, we decided to check out
our other options. We were referred to Dr. Hal by a fellow BBR hound
owner. I sent the xray my vet had taken of Oliver off to Dr. Hal and
within a day had a response from him that was very hopeful...he saw
something on the xray! We have been taking Oliver to Dr. Hal and a
fellow animal chiropractor ever since and it has made a world of
difference! Oliver is barely leaking any urine, he went from filling 8+
pads to maybe only a part of one per day. He also has much more
strength in his rear legs now and is continuing to gain muscle in them.
We officially adopted Oliver on April 1, 2010 and we are excited to be
able to continue his treatment and care with Dr. Hal!!

Our Dog, Susie, suffered 4 seizures in less than a 24 hour period. To our knowledge she had never suffered from a seizure before this episode. Our veterinarian immediately put her on medications that left her lifeless and groggy. When we found out that Dr. Hal was now treating animals, we jumped at the opportunity to have him treat Susie. After only 3 treatments Susie was back to her old self and she is no longer taking medications. It's amazing how she has come back to life and has that spark in her eyes once again.
Thank you Dr. Hal!
Pat, Brigid, and Susie of course!
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