A Chiropractic adjustment is a gentle, specific force applied in a specific direction, to a specific vertebrae or joint.  The purpose of the adjustment is to restore the biomechanics of the joint to positively influence the function of the nervous system.  Simply put, chiropractic treatments help restore normal motion to the joints so the brain can more effectively do it's job of maintaining health, strength, and coordination which may result in decreased pain & increased performance!
Whether your animal is a family pet, sport, show, or working animal.  Chiropractic can add years to life & life to years!Chiropractic does not attempt to replace traditional veterinary care, we work with your veterinarian and provide synergistic therapies to restore and maintain the health of your best friend.
Please contact Dr. Hal directly to schedule an appointment for your animal.    Large animals (horses, cows, alpacas, llamas, goats are all treated at their location or event facility).The options are as follows for small animals.
Home visit 
Dr. Hal's office in Apple Valley
Southview Animal Hospital- Inver Grove Heights
St. Paul Pet Hospital in St. Paul
To contact Dr. Hal you may call him directly at 651-247-1769 or
You do need to have a Veterinary Referral Form completed prior to the initial appointment. Click on the following "link" to download the "
Veterinary Referral Form"
According to the American Veterinary Chiropractic Association, chiropractic care for your animal may be helpful in cases of: Neck, back, leg, tail pain, or limping Muscle spasms or weakness Disc or joint problems
Recovering from surgeries Event or sports injuries Seizures or neurologic problems such as incontinence
Injuries from falls, slips, or accidents Jaw or chewing problems
Recurrent or chronic conditions such as vomiting, respiratory or digestive problems, ear & urinary infections.
Improving performance & conformation 

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