Chiropractic care for dogs

Why would a dog need chiropractic care?

Your dog is an amazing athlete!  Whether competing in agility, a working dog, show dog, or it is simply just  "being a dog".  Unfortunately, repetitive stresses and acute injuries can cause the joints and muscles to become imbalanced.  Often times relatively innocent activities such as playing tug and jumping down from a vehicle can accumulate stresses and lead to an imbalance. 

This imbalance, particularly of the spinal column causes negative neurologic changes which may cause changes in coordination, flexibility, and strength ultimately affecting the performance ability of your dog.  Pain is often times the last thing to show up.



The following is a list of symptoms that may indicate an underlying neurologic imbalance and the need for chiropractic care.
1. Abnormal posture (stand or sit)
 2. Evasions such as extending head and neck or hollowing back
 3. Wringing tail and pinning ears
 4. Refusal or hesitation jumping
 5. Refusal or resistance in performance such as lateral or collected movements
 6. Behavior/mood changes
 7. Facial expression of pain
 8. Sensitivity with touch/grooming
 9. Stiffness, resistance to move
 10. Abnormal gait pattern/limp
 11. Muscle atrophy
 12.  Inability to lengthen top-line/ improper frame

The imbalance may cause problems in the  nerves that supply other cells such as those of the skin, glands, and  blood vessels. Some of the symptoms that result may be:
 1. unusual body or tail rubbing
 2. increased sensitivity to heat or cold
 3. vomiting
 4. incontinence
 5. constipation
 6. seizures 

What are treatments like?

Treatments are very similar to how humans are treated.  Initially a full history and examination is performed to 

determine the cause of the problem. 

Dr. Hal will perform very effective yet gentle myofascial therapy prior to performing any adjusting.  Some adjustments are performed with a very gentle electronic stimulator tool while some adjustments are done by using the hands.  Other therapies that might be used are Cold Laser, stretching, vibration plate and rehabilitation techniques.   All treatments are very gentle in nature.  Occasionally animals at first  may seem uneasy about the treatment because it is a new experience for  them.  Once they realize that we are helping them feel better, they relax and seem to really enjoy the treatments.  

Veterinary Referral Required

Yes.  We work with your veterinarian to provide the highest quality  health care for your animal.  Visit our page "Veterinary Referral Info" for more information.

If your veterinarian would like to  learn more about animal chiropractic, we welcome the opportunity to let  them know how we may be able to help.  If you are unable to obtain a  referral, we will provide for you a number of veterinarians that are  "chiropractic friendly".  

What location can I get my dog treated?

Dr. Hal recommends the initial visit to be at the dog's home.  They are generally more relaxed and comfortable and they can just rest after the treatment.  Sometimes owners are unable to physically bring their dog outside the home due to the dog's condition or the owner's health issue. 

Otherwise treatments can be scheduled for his clinic in Apple Valley.

Arrangements can be made to have your dog treated at a veterinary office however it is usually not the best environment for relaxation.  

How much does this cost?

The initial visit including a neurological and chiropractic exam and the treatment (myofascial release, adjusting, etc...) is $95.  Follow up treatments are $50.

Additional therapies that can be very helpful to heal the body faster such as cold laser and pulsed electro magnetic field therapy are $2/minute.