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Hank the Dog

Hank the Bulldog had fallen down the stairs a number of years ago... shortly after this he started becoming very aggressive towards people in his home. Upon examination he did not have normal cranial and spinal movement.  Cranial treatment, cold laser and chiropractic care.  Within 2 weeks the owner texted " I have a new dog!!!...He's happy like a pup, no swelling in back any longer."  After a follow up treatment a month later the owner had this to say "He is a different dog.  He is so happy now.  I am sick he had 4 years of pain but thank you for making his life great now"

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Dr. Hal and his two pups Henley and Liberty

Thank you for your trust!

Your dog is your baby.  You'd do anything for them.  Dr. Hal is honored that you put your trust in him to treat your precious 4-legged friend.  Thank you.