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It takes a herd....

Like the saying it takes a village to raise a addition to the owner it takes a herd of equine professionals to train and care for a horse to ensure optimal health, performance and happiness.  Here's a bunch of people we trust to help you reach your goals with your horse.  

Trainers & Lessons & Boarding

Complete Equestrian Company

Kroll Performance Horses: "Quiet, Consistent and Patient"

Kyle & Bailey Olson @ Horseshoe Lake Stables, Hugo

KD Performance Horses:  Katie Hembree,  St. Joseph 

Lazy Ear Performance Horses, Erin and Grant Bayer, Clearwater
Robin Secrist:  R & K Ranch:

Morning Glory Hill Stable, Blooming Prairie

RNR Performance Horses, Cloquet

Novak Equine Center, Brainerd

Sunnyside Stables, Rosemount

Exclusive Equine, Hugo Melissa Bertz 651-925-6207 - training, lessons and coaching to develop a well-rounded horse and knowledgeable equestrian, specializing in the Pleasure Industry

Cross Creek Stables, Cologne    Heather Salden-Kurtz 

Nettie Baker, Belle Plaine , Buffalo

Greystone Farm, Saginaw

Ebony Oaks Farm, Aurora, Annandale

We still need to add a couple dozen more to this list along with their details.  

Veterinarians & Dentists: contact info and more recommended pros coming shortly.

Dr. Anna Wildgrube: Faribault

Dr. Jonathan Lombardo, Hastings 

Knevel Veterinary Services Dr. Donna Knevel St. Joseph (320) 260-2619 

Dr. Jeff Johnson 

Dr. Matt Schossler,  



Amber Hultman 651-216-4653 

Equine Massage Therapists: more details and info coming soon!

Kristina Kupper: also has pulse centers PEMF 678-451-3674

Collette Bolster 320-626-9673

Stellar Equine Sports Massage:  Casey Daugherty 218-255-4933

Armstrong Equine Massage: Leda Mox 763-219-7517

Renee Vanek 952-212-0149

Tyler Malinois 612-865-6216


Jim Thell, 218-269-6250  Wrenshall

Chad Bembenek (Wisconsin) 920-210-8906

Jim Jacobson 763-245-7047

Jordan Corrigan 319-360-7439

Kerry Haugh 507-327-1161

More will be added shortly.

Nutrition, Feed, Supplements & more!


MVP Equine Supplements: Superior products and personal customer service are our passion!

Your equine athlete needs top nutrition to build muscle, recover from activity and to maintain health.  Nutrition is not only for recovery but also for prevention.  "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!"

Contact Heather Steege @ 952-345-2750 or for the following introductory offers!

Gastro-Plex: is recommended to help support healthy digestive function, front and hind gut

Purchase 6 lb ($110.40) and get 3 lbs FREE! ($58.35 Value):  3 month total supply.  

More info about hind-gut health will be on this website soon!  

In Sync: supports healthy muscle function, immune system, blood cell (oxygen), and hair/coat

Purchase 8 lb ($122.55) get 4 obs FREE! ($67.45 Value) - 3 month total supply

Exceed 6-way: support for Joints, stomach, Blood/Vascular, Hoof, Hair/Coat, Digestion (hind gut)

Purchase 16 lbs ($186.25) get 8 lbs FREE! (%=$95.75 Value)- 3 month total supply

More great stuff!

Essential Oils

Essential Oils

Essential Oils

Dr. Hal will use many essential oils during treatments.  He may also recommend to you an oil specific to your animal's needs.  

Here are a couple links for more info

  1. doTERRA essential oils 

Dr. Melissa Shelton's essential oils

Hay Chix

Essential Oils

Essential Oils

Our slow feeder hay nets control the amount of hay your horses and  livestock are able to consume at any one time. Grazing in a more natural  way, just the way the Good Lord intended. Get at least 94 percent out of each hay bale. Our hay nets are University Tested (Feeder Study) (Effect Study) and Veterinarian Approved so  you can feel confident that you’re giving your horses the very best  with a slow feed hay net from Hay Chix®. Made in the USA by Chix Like  You.  

Myler Bits

Essential Oils

Recommended Books/Videos

Designed with the Equine in Mind.

You may contact Kelly Kennedy directly @ 612-839-4371  Kelly Kennedy has been a Myler bit rep for 15+ years. She has worked in clinics and privately regarding  bitting horses for optimum performance. She will explain the mechanics  of how bits work in the horse's mouth, what to look for in a new bit,  and how to tell if your horse is resisting and would benefit from a new  bit! 


Bit Education- Improve your knowledge

Watch it or read it. The Level Best for Your  Horse, the book, clarifies the essentials of proper bitting. A Whole Bit  Better, the DVD, takes bitting a step further by including helpful  demonstrations and graphics showing how various bits function inside the  horse’s mouth

Recommended Books/Videos

Recommended Books/Videos

Recommended Books/Videos

Info coming soon

Horses are amazing!

Recommended Books/Videos

Horses are amazing!

More equine info coming soon

We love horses!

Recommended Books/Videos

Horses are amazing!

More equine info coming soon!