Veterinary Referral Form

In 2008, Minnesota passed a law allowing chiropractors with specialized training and certification to treat animals.  Dr. Hal was one of the first chiropractors in the state to obtain this certification in early 2009.

 Part of this law requires that the owner receive a referral/permission from their veterinarian prior to receiving chiropractic care.  To obtain this referral you may do one of the following:

 1.  Download the referral form below, complete it fully except for the area for the veterinary signature.  You may place all of your animals on the same form to save time completing individual forms for each animal.  

2.  You may contact your veterinarian via email requesting their referral.  Forward their email granting permission to

3.  You may have your veterinarian call or text Dr. Hal directly at 651-247-1769