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Every referral is a testimonial.  Dr. Hal has received thousands!  Many more testimonials will be added to this page but here's one of the nicest ones to hear about.

This was a horse that everyone else told the owner to give up on- which is a common theme when it comes to horses with pain especially head/face pain.  Imagine trying to run really fast with a migraine headache!  Notice the long deep scar on his face that crosses from his left eye across the bridge of the nose.   Without performing cranial work he would not have gotten better even with regular chiropractic care.  He only had one treatment (cranials, muscle work, adjusting and PEMF) and a few weeks of rehabilitation.  This is what the owner had to say two days after the treatment.
"I just wanted to say I can't believe how much change Rio has made in just he last two days!  He carries his tail much lower, slower quieter lope.  He has a completely level neck and hasn't slipped or tripped once since you came!  Thank you!" ....
Here's her follow up report on Rio a few weeks post-treatment..."Hey, I just wanted to tell you I rode Rio for the first time last night.  It was like I was riding a new horse.  He never fought the bit.  Never threw his head in the air. When I asked him to lope he stayed soft and relaxed and never tried to take off.  Thank you!!!!!-  Katie


Valhallah is a horse that suffered a kick to his face as a foal.  The part of the skull that was fractured is actually "caved in".  The bones directly involved are the frontal, lacrimal and nasal.  Dr. Hal performed craniosacral and a full body myofascial balance and chiropractic adjustment.  This is how Valhallah reacted after the treatment.  He ran for at least 5 minutes!  He NEVER ran like this in the arena until now!

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My name is Zophia Raleigh and I own a 6 year old American Quarter Horse named Moxie.  When Moxie got hurt 2 years ago my mom and I were devastated.  Moxie was in pain and she wouldn't take the left lead anymore.  We were at a loss of what to do, so we called Dr. Hal.  When Dr. Hal met Moxie he was very gentle and caring, he made sure that she was okay with him.  Dr. Hal explained everything he did and gave us tips on places to massage and stretch.  Moxie soon was back to her happy go lucky self.  Now whenever Moxie and I go to a big show we make sure to call Dr. Hal to check that Moxie is in her prime condition so we can do well.  I HIGHLY suggest using Dr. Hal for every horse, dog or cat you own.  He is a fantastic chiropractor who will always do his best to help you and your animals. - Zophia Raleigh, Dog Trainer, Equestrian Rider


This is after performing craniosacral therapy and adjusting to a barrel horse named Neil...."He was AMAZING, better than he's been in months. He had the fastest time fo the day, then the poor thing slipped and fell after the run".....

Neil was then not doing well, head was high again and his neck was really sore.  This was the next testimonial from her after I treated him after his fall

"Just got done riding Neil.  I rode him at a light trot, he felt AMAZING and was QUIET AND RELAXED!!!"

Royal: never too young to need help!

Royal is only 9 months old.  What could possibly be wrong with a perfect little foal?

She had only hit her head on something awhile ago and started getting some discharge from her left eye.  It just never cleared up.  Within about a week of her cranial treatment and adjustment here's what her owner had to report

"Thought you'd like to know that Royal, my 9 month filly, threw a bunch of goop out of her left eye today and was full of herself tonight.  It's the first I've seen the tail up and prance in a long time!"

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